All Spanish airports must sell water for one euro


All airports in Spain will be required to sell bottled water for one euro. Aena has already introduced this at some of the airports but now it extends to all airports.

According to the newspaper El País, the vending machines must offer small 33 centiliter bottles for one euro and where there are half-liter bottles, the same price applies to them. The decision also applies not only to vending machines but also to convenience stores at the airports.

Already now, Tenerife's airports offer south, Gran Canaria, León, Vitoria and Salamanca water for one euro.

The reason for the action is that passengers have complained to MediatorFrancisco Fernández Marugán that basic products and especially water are too expensive at airports.

In its latest annual report, Marugán reported that they had reached an agreement with Aena to make "drinking water available to citizens" and to limit the maximum price of water bottles for the restaurant industry and in the vending machines, the agreed price was 1.60 euro. But now Aena has gone one step further and reduced the amount to one euro.