Estepona plants a quarter of millions of flowers


Spring is here and count on amazing flower arrangements in Estepona during the summer. Along the streets, 250,000 flowers will be planted to August. The municipal nursery has doubled its production capacity, which has led to savings - and more flowers.
A quarter of a million flowers will be planted until August on 390,000 square meters of green space in the municipality.
The Municipal Council for Parks and Plants, Sergio Rodríguez, says that the goal is for the city to have one of the most beautiful public gardens in Spain. Plants will be done along the main street, the promenade, access to Estepona and the square.
A municipal nursery allows you to grow your own flowers instead of having to buy from outside. This has reduced costs.
At the same time, flower pots will be replaced in the Old Town which will also exude the cityscape.
Next week, Estepona organizes the 45th National Garden Congress.
Mayor José Maria García Urbano writes on Twitter that in the municipality there are now 50 wall murals that contribute to a public art.