Nordic Andalucia Management S.L, ”NAM” a Spanish registred company, was formed in 1992 and is jointly owned by the 28 FAM companies. NAM´s charter is to manage the apartments and assist both owners and the FAM and NAM Boards on site in Spain.

A Spanish accounting firm provides accounting and legal services and a Swedish Certified Public Accountant residing in Marbella, reviews and audits  the operations and financial management per June and December each year and reports back to the FAM and NAM boards. Legal and tax services are provide upon request.

The NAM Board of DIrectors consists of two people;  the FAM Chairman and FAM board member responsible for the Spanish operations.

A operations manager (80%) is reponsible for the day-to-day activites on site together with an administrator (60%), cleaning personnel, and a fulltime  "handyman" who oversees general repairs and maintenance and the car-pool. The Operations Manager, hired  by the NAM Board, represents FAM at the Annual General Meetings for the two Comunidades that make up Andalucia del Mar and is in continuous contact with their chairpersons and administrators.

All purchasing acitivites (quotes, contracts, receiving) from Spanish suppliers are handled  by the NAM Board member and on site Operations Manager.

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