The concept includes the use of a car

The NAM company owns a car pool,  sized to match our yearly occupation rate. All owners and those that the owners themselves allow acess to the apartment have access to a car.  (Any car damage is the responsibility of the registred shareholder).
Since the concept includes a car, the weekly fee is not reduced should owners not want a car during their stay.

Renters can have a car if one is available. A deposit is required and the fee is according to the pricelist. 

The age of the car
Our concept states that the cars should be no older than five years.

A car has to be requested on the arrival notification form
There are fewer cars than apartments so to be sure to have the use of a car, inotify the Service office NAM via the arrival notification form, at least  six weeks prior to arrival. If the request is received at a later date there is no guarantee that a car is available. 

Keep the car clean
In our Conditions and Rules of Conduct it states that the cars should be washed, water and oil checked and re-fueled prior to departure. Please ensure compliance for the sake of the next owner. If time is of the essence, this service can be purchased from the NAM service office. 

Damage and deductilbe
In the car you will find information about any prior damange. Always inspect the car upon arrival and notify the service office if there is any damage not listed.  If the car is damaged during your stay please inform the service office and pay the deductible. 

Parkingfines and towing
Cars parked in  no parking zones are towed to a central lot. The parking fine is around 90 euros and there is fee to retrieve the car. 

You have to pay any parking fines immedieatly. Parking fines are paid in the jurisdiction  where it was assessed,  If fined in Ronda you have to pay in Ronda. It is thus understandable that it is difficult for the NAM Service office to assist in this matter. Should you require assistance there will be administrative and travel costs incurred as our staff has to travel to the jurisdiction where the parking fine was levied.  If there are unpaid parking tickets registred on the car it cannot be sold.  

Vado Permanente
A sign with the text above means "no parking zone". Public areas and private citizens can acquire such a sign and have cars towed if parked out side their premises.